Band Members Wanted.

CW_squareFrom now on, I’m actively searching for the right people to help me turn the TØRRENTIAL. project into the band. The goals are to regularly rehearse, play live as much as possible, write & release records together, and generally be very visible on the Finnish music scene and beyond.
The first record of the project, “Chameleon Wasteland”, is out for a few weeks now. Please check the EP out and use it as a reference. It’s available on all the streaming platforms plus places like Bandcamp and Youtube, direct links to all of those are on the homepage of this website. This time I did it all by myself with some help from some seriously awesome people, but I don’t want to do it as a one-man-band again. I want the band to be a collaborative experience with a constant creative dialogue between the people involved.
Please get in touch if you think you would enjoy playing the music I’m making, would be able to contribute, and are dedicated enough to help your future band grow, evolve and move forward. I’m searching for skilled open-minded musicians who think good songs and musical vision instead of “which genre does it belong to”, and give a damn about the consistency and the professionalism of the band, its visuals, and sound. Last but not least, your personality is always valued more than your skills.

Who am I after?

I’m searching for a drummer, a second guitar player, a bassist, a vocalist, and (possibly) a keyboard player. However, please don’t let this list limit you. If you play some other instrument, like the music I’m making (use “Chameleon Wasteland” as a reference), and you feel like you can contribute, please reach out and let’s talk more. I’m really open-minded and I’m ready to try integrating the sounds I didn’t even think about using. And don’t be limited by your location – solutions can always be found if the problem itself is worthy.
Use the contact form to reach out or write directly to this address

In addition to that, I’m absolutely open to other forms of creative collaboration and cooperation. If you think we could work together on something – be it music, visuals, free writing or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m looking really forward to talking to you.
TØRRENTIAL. for me is way more than a name to release my music under. And I intend to keep it that way.