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Home Anew

It’s a cold, cold night
Just look at us
We so need to trust
That everything is not yet falling apart
Walking on blades
Praising how shiny they are
I want to go further and get far
Before the palette fades
I hear the colors ticking away

Is this real?
I feel I’m running out of time

Struggling to breathe with cuts and broken bones
Calling out for those who aren’t there
We row so fast we break the oars
And get stuck in the middle of nowhere
To settle down for at most a year or so
And stay for life there
To keep on drifting
Do you have a home?
Do you even care?

Burning bridges, drenched in doubt
I’m burning out
To raze doubt to the ground
This place doesn’t feel like me
So I confess tonight
This is not home I so longed to find

Being somewhere
Not being lead by the urge to escape
Is a state of unparalleled beauty
Knowing what you’re looking to find
While everything is shifting
Makes it all feel still for a while
When we think that we’re safe
We sometimes smile ‘cause we’re afraid
As deep inside we understand
It’s pretense
We don’t remember over half of our lives
Talking across the ways, not saying goodbyes 
Staring in bovine stupor at passers-by
While our own lives pass right in front of our eyes

We’re the careless dreaming of bliss
Seems like we’re the falling and we’re the abyss
The palette gets bleaker
The shapes are there but colors fade somehow
I wonder how do you see me now
What’s happening to you?
You look just as bleak and I can see through you
Do you feel that everything lost colors, too?
Did I give up on you?

“Chameleon Wasteland” was written, performed, recorded and produced by Sergei Kopytin at Ø.Studios I & II, Oulu, Finland, 2018. Mixed at 6ound Studio, Moscow, Russia by Michael Pahalen in December 2018/January 2019. Mastered at Backroom Studios, Rockaway, NJ, the USA by Kevin Antreassian in early February 2019.

Guest vocals on “Home” (verse 2) and “Hyphen” (verse 1 and bridge) performed by Chris Magerl (ex-Sick of Silence, ex-Once Tasted Life). Arranged by Chris Magerl and Sergei Kopytin. Check out Chris’s solo releases here. Chris’s vocals were recorded in August 2018 at Herzklang Studios, Austria by Viktor Knebel.

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped me to create this record in one way or the other.
I know who you are and you know who you are.
I love you.